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Our Services

We offer a wide variety of financial service products from some of the most respected 


companies in the world. Best of all, we don't charge you any additional fees or costs by going through us 


to get these services: 



SAFE Money Products- We specialize only in safe money products and are considered to be the experts


in this area as these are the only types of products we have been marketing since 2008. SMART money products


according to our definition are products that offer you competitive interest when the market performs well without


the chance of losing money when the market goes down. Therefore, we don’t market any stocks, bonds, mutual funds,


or any other types of security products where the client has the potential for stock market losses.




Become Your Own Banker (BYOB)- BYOB is a customized cash value life insurance policy. The BYOB plan using


cash value insurance can provide death benefit protection, but it also provides you with a safe place for your money.


It’s also sometimes referred to as permanent life insurance. we’ve chosen companies that will allow you to max-fund


the cash value side of the plan. 



Retirement Planning - We can help you increase your retirement income through our products along with our


tax planning strategies. In addition, we can offer you a personal pension-like plan that 


can provide you guaranteed income for life so that you can't outlive your money. You can rollover old 401(k)s, 


Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and other types of accounts to these plans. Best of all, not only will these 


personal pension-like plans provide you with a competitive guaranteed lifetime income but possibly your 


spouse as well. You may also choose to withdraw a lump sum.



Asset Protection - We can help you protect your assets with long-term care, fixed annuities, and life 


insurance. We offer these services from some of the largest and most respected companies in the world. 


Because we are able to shop the industry, we can save you both time and money as we don't 


charge you any additional fees or costs by going through us to get these services.

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